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Fisk Media Services was founded in 1976 in San Diego, CA.  We served over three dozen clients over an 11-year period.  We provided a variety of media presentations, and commercial spots for radio and television.  We have consulted many of these clients in matters relating to media.

Fisk Media Services was reestablished in Colorado Springs, CO in 1991.  We narrowed our primary service list to focus on the audio and radio industry.  Our company’s objective continues to be laser focused to serve clients with a custom designed set of skills and services as they relate to the US radio marketplace.


~ Recruit radio network & station partners for radio ministry’s programs and features.


~ On-air hosting of radio fund-raising events

~ Assist with all aspects of fund-raising using radio

~ Operate in the role of fund-raising “coach”.  We have created a two-hour On-Air Coaching Clinic.  We have run that clinic in over 27 radio stations and ministries


~ Audio production coordination

~ Live-event management

~ Networking services to the Christian and general radio industry

~ Project management

~ Media planning & consultation services


Brad Fisk, Owner

OFFICE          719-572-9998

CELL              719-649-8505




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